Body Spa

Eclipse Body Spa

At Eclipse, we believe in bringing harmony to your skin’s eco-system.

Let your body enjoy the sensations of relaxation. Our body treatments do not only include slimming but detoxification and beautifying of the skin. The massages are delivered to ensure you emerged rejuvenated and anxiety free. The treatments for your body are incorporated to give you the shape you desire and improve your immune system.
Menu ItemPrice in SGD
Bust Firming Treatment$59
Body Slimming
Anti-fluid, Stimulating, Hydrating$150
Lymphatic. Drainage
Eclipse Massage
Aroma Essence Body Massage
Body Beauty (Massage/Scrub/ Mask)$120
Back Massage$59
Spa Body Treatment Program$125
Slimming (10 sessions)$388

Body Spa at Eclipse is strictly based on appointment only.