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We are the only appointed beauty school by Swiss Beauty Concept Ld in carrying out examination and training program in Singapore.


  • Examiner are from Switzerland.


  • We offer the most advance and professional training that meet our present market needs and requirements, at the same time keeping up with international standard.


  • Our course will commence from Elementary, Intermediate Level, then to Advance Level , which will all cover aspect of beauty study and the best knowledge will be imparted to all our students. With the best training methods, it enable our students to be professionals with bright success in the beauty industry, once graduated from our beauty school.


  • Our instructors are hired worldwide and each are backed with years of experience. Many are hired to meet with wide range of course offered, thereby allowing our students to absorb the best and fullest knowledge.


  • Professionals training methods by our instructors will allow and enable our students in obtaining great success in the beauty industry.


  • Our beauty school ensures that everyone of our students are graduates who meets international standard and requirements, so as to provide the best service to their future clients. Refreshments course will be offered with no additional charge.

A Glimpse of Our Courses in Action

Our Courses Highlights and Details

Professional Beauty Courses

Hygiene Exfoliation
Sterilization Muscle
Professional image Facial treatment
Skin structure – Normal treatment
Skin disease and disorder – Special treatment
Bacteriology – Ultimate treatment
Sunscreen Preparation of facial treatment
Pigmentation Extraction
Acne Protein
Sebaceous gland Fats and cellulite
Cleansing step Cardiovascular systems
Different skin type and condition Massage steps
– Skin analysis Eyebrow trimming
Endocrine system Professional eye treatment and machine
Nutrition Low sugar and sugar free dieting
Skin health Mask application and knowledge
Eye-lashes perming Therapeutic message
Hormone Basic knowledge of manicure
Metabolism Bone structure
Digestive system Waxing
Steaming Machinery
Cell and tissue Head and neck Acu point
Relaxation of nerve treatment – head Skin care knowledge

Makeup Beauty Courses

Colour coordination

Different kinds of day and night make-up

Eyebrow shaping and tweezing

Corrective techniques for face shape, nose, lips, blusher, concealer etc using the concealer

Lipliner, lipstick application

Application of liquid foundation, two way cake / lose power

Eye enhancement

– Fix fake double eye lid

– Draw fake double eye lid

Four season palettes

Contouring and highlighting

Bridal-evening make up

Bridal-day make up

Indoor and outdoor bridal make-up

Bridal and model photographic make-up

3D make-up technique

Model make-up

Dinner, natural and classical for bridal

Eye-brow, face shape and character analyst

Using the right types of make-up in the right type of skin

Indoor and outdoor lighting effect

Century make-up

Trends make-up


Fake eye-lashes application

Glitters application

List of Courses

Professional Aesthetician CourseS$2990
Professional Make-up ArtistryS$2990
Part-time opp3 monthsTwice a week, 2 hours each lesson
Professional Nail Technician CourseS$120040 hours of lessons
Advance Aesthetician CourseS$86030 hours of lessons
Personal Make-up Artistry CourseS$120040 hours of lessons
Nail technician CourseS$149040 hours of lessons
Slimming Body ShapingS$98015 hours of lessons
Massage Body S$98015 hours of lessons
Eyebrow Eyeliner EmbroideryS$12008 hours of lessons
Lips EmbroideryS$4504 hours lessons

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