Head to Toe

Eclipse also has other pampering treatments to indulge you. From head-to-toe we have programs that will elevate your mood including the Scalp Massage that is excellent to get rid of headache and tension. Adorn and beautify your face too, as our treatments will help highlight the features.      

Facial Spa

At Eclipse, we believe in bringing harmony to your skin’s eco-system. The special blend of holistic products are used in all our treatments to ensure your skin achieve only the best nutrition. Our signature facial is designed to thoroughly revive the vitality of your skin yet economical for everyone to indulge in it regularly. Be […]

Body Spa

Let your body enjoy the sensations of relaxation. Our body treatments do not only include slimming but detoxification and beautifying of the skin.  The massages are delivered to ensure you emerged rejuvenated and anxiety free. The treatments for your body are incorporated to give you the shape you desire and improve your immune system.